What, exactly, is a reporting system?

What, exactly, is a reporting system?

For small to mid-sized business owners whose entire focus is on managing and growing business, the term “reporting system” might seem like technological overkill. “All I want is to get reports I need when I need them and when they are due. No bells and whistles!” An experienced Crystal Report developer from Crystal Report Writers is just the right person to help you understand what a reporting system is and how it can benefit your business.

Getting reports when you need them

A reporting system reduces your list of things to remember because:

  • Regular business reports, such as quarterly tax returns, inventory reports, and sales reports can be set up to print on a regular schedule.
  • Special reports, that you would like to receive on a regular basis can also be customized and scheduled at regular intervals.
  • Any report can be generated at any time.

These three benefits give you the flexibility to take a snapshot of your business at any given point in time and make the best decisions.

The backbone of the system

Your business information is the backbone of the business reports you need. “Reporting system” is a general term that describes the applications that your business uses to collect, store, and access business information, or data.

Businesses often have data stored in different formats. The Crystal Report developers from Crystal Report Writers are also able to access each different file or database and compile the data in an informative and useful manner.

For example, the owner of a manufacturing business initially kept all of the records about materials, materials inventory, finished product, and sales and shipping information in Excel. This worked very well until the business grew and a product manufacturing department and a shipping department were created to help streamline the business. The manager of product manufacturing continued to use the Excel files, but the new manager of shipping convinced the owner to store all of the shipping data in Microsoft Access. Now, ten years later, business is booming, but reports are not as easy to get as the owner would like. Plus, there are the payroll and employee records that are shared between the bookkeeper and the accounting firm that does the business taxes. At tax time, data from all of these sources must be collected and compiled into a single usable form. If the business owner wants to know how much a product is costing compared to profit, someone has to go to every place data is stored, pull the raw numbers, and crunch them into the report.

A reporting system simplifies this process because the Crystal report developer is able to build a system that pulls data from all of the sources and quickly converts that data to solid business reports.

An easy interface

The user interface is the toolbox of a reporting system. Typically, the interface works by:

  • Logging in.
  • Choosing a specific report
  • Entering the parameters for the report, such as a date range

Reports can be displayed on your computer screen or printed, or both. Comprehensive training is included so that everyone who needs to use the reporting system knows how, everyone’s questions are answered, and detailed written users instructions are also provided.

The Crystal Report developer

The experts from Crystal Report Writer spend time with you and your staff to determine which reports you need. Services can include:

  • Operations review and analysis
  • Crystal Reports development and design
  • Consulting and training

Laurel Anderson, the owner of Crystal Report Writer, brings more than 20 years of data analysis, report design and Crystal Report writing to her clients. Laurel’s specialty is working closely with clients to design and develop Crystal Reports and systems for a wide range of industries and businesses. Working within a company’s time and cost requirements, Laurel focuses on delivering reports and reporting processes that meet business objectives.

Give Laurel Anderson a call today for a no-cost consultation and answers to some of your questions.