How Crystal Reports help keep customer loyalty

How Crystal Reports help keep customer loyalty

Customers are the life of your business and information is the lifeblood that helps you retain customer’s loyalty. Without customers who continue to return because of the quality of goods and services that your business provides, there would be no business. As business grows, there comes a time when the ability to track and anticipate changes in your customer’s purchasing habits becomes critical. You find that your business has outgrown the old business reporting methods and you need faster and newer ways to analyze your business data. The experts at Crystal Report Writers are the professionals to call for an efficient and cost-effective upgrade to your business reporting and data management systems.

To continue to serve your customers with the quality they have come to trust, the ability to rapidly examine data related to product pricing, materials, warehouse inventories, shipping, and sales is crucial for sound decisions. Some of the top reasons customers leave include:

  • Unexpected price increases
  • Lowered product quality
  • Delays in delivery

The astute business manager knows it is smarter to avoid these issues than to try to fix them later. Quick, single-point access to business information that is collected from several sources is the best way to prevent a problem before it happens.

It is common for one company to have different types of data management systems for different business functions. A company’s purchasing department might still be using Microsoft Excel to log purchases but be using a different database to track materials use, manufacturing and warehouse inventory, and a specialized fulfillment database to track shipping. As the company grew, collecting reports from each department became less effective. Compiling information from several sources into a single usable report takes time—valuable time that can make a difference in the bottom line.

The services of expert Crystal Report Writers can streamline access to data from diverse sources into a single access point. The responsive Crystal Report system created by developers from Crystal Report Writers is a custom system that pulls critical information from various data sources throughout the company and is tailored to an individual business’s operations and needs.

Here is a scenario demonstrating how a Crystal Report system can help avoid unexpected price increases and retain customer loyalty.

Avoiding an unexpected price increase

The Top Dog Watches company manufacturers watches and accessories. The watches are hot sellers because of the quality and affordability. Top Dog buys watchcases from Company B, which announces an upcoming cost increase. Top Dog’s management wants to know how much the increase is going to change the bottom line in order to decide whether to raise the cost of the watches or to consider other options.
The options include changing suppliers, keep the price of the watches the same and distribute the price increase across other products, or just raising the price of the watches and risk losing customers.

To make the best decision, management needs to have access to all of the costs involved in making and delivering the watches and other products, which includes component costs, costs for manufacturing including employee wages and overtime, current inventory, quality assurance, packaging, and shipping. Different departments maintain the data in different databases.

Someone has to produce the needed reports from each department then crunch the numbers to deliver the appropriate analytical reports. It could take days without a single point of access to all of this data and there is no ability to quickly generate different views of the same data. On the other hand, a variety of reports displaying cost data and projected price data in a variety of useful ways can be produced from a Crystal Reports system in much less time and different views can be generated in minutes.

When management has agile access to business data, it is easier to make solid decisions that can help avoid any number of issues that might cause customers to take their business elsewhere. The ability to quickly examine quality assurance data, for example, could pinpoint a component failure, allowing for a rapid remedy before compromised products are shipped.

Expert Crystal Report Writer services

Expert Crystal Report Writers can analyze all of the various data sources and develop a reporting system that can produce standard reports such as inventory and sales, plus develop the flexible business analysis reports are necessary for making the right decisions.

Services include:

  • Writing and generating reports that are necessary for daily business and that are customized for effective management tools.
  • Operations review and analysis applying both Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Business Analysis (BA) strategies to help you understand your business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Crystal Reports development and design providing reports for the details of business operations to high-level statistical and analytical management reports.
  • Consulting and training, answering important questions and training key people

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