How Crystal Report Writer Streamlines Production Planning

How Crystal Report Writer Streamlines Production Planning

Production planning requires more than basing future needs on last year’s or last quarter’s sales and orders that are currently in the pipeline. Relying 100-percent on this kind of data doesn’t always allow for the kind of forecasting that supports profitability and Crystal Report Writer Laurel Anderson has released a report about how a custom Crystal Report Writer system can streamline production planning,

The key to cost-effective production planning is the ability to:

  • Schedule resources
  • Scale production based on current production levels and sales that are in the pipeline
  • Analyze past and current production and make resource and scheduling forecasts based on different kinds of criteria

Successful scheduling means rolling out a quality product on time. In order for this to happen a number of other factors come in to play:

  • What are the product surplus levels in inventory?
  • What are the anticipated changes to production?
  • Are there supply chain issues that might cause delays?
  • What are the anticipated staffing needs?
  • Is there any scheduled manufacturing downtime due to equipment maintenance or upgrades?

Answers to all of these questions depend on information from other departments. Inventory information comes from the warehouse. Anticipated changes to production would most likely come from the sales department and include new sales or changes to a customer’s order. Supply chain information from purchasing and staffing requirements and scheduled manufacturing downtime from the manufacturing department.

Rather than depending on reports from individual departments, why not have a customized system that is dedicated to production planning? Crystal Report Writer has the capability to consolidate real-time critical information from distributed information systems and spreadsheet applications, including legacy systems, into a single system that can be used to evaluate and forecast production.

A customized reporting system gives you access to real-time information in any number of useful ways. A Production Planning system designed with Crystal Report Writer can include the capability to generate standard reports at scheduled intervals and to generate ad hoc reports based on search parameters. The information can be viewed and analyzed in the desired way including charts, statistical analysis, comparison reports, and forecasting.

Identifying the reports you need and the reporting intervals are covered during our consulting and analysis process. When your new system is ready, you and your staff are trained in all aspects of the system’s operation.

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