Expert Crystal Report developer solutions for health care administrators

Expert Crystal Report developer solutions for health care administrators

Health care administrators need to have immediate access to data about staffing, budgeting, services, patients and patient information, inventory (including pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies), and suppliers. Depending on the health care facility, other details might include the number of vacant beds, how many patients received emergency services in any given period of time, how many of those were admitted, what kinds of procedures are administered, how many, by type, are scheduled and for when. The list is extensive and the administrator also needs the ability to analyze how all of the divergent functions in the organization impact the budget and make critical forecasts to ensure continued service.

Information needs to be available daily, monthly, quarterly and annually and the administrator needs the ability to collect and analyze data from different sources in many different ways.
Although regular reports are distributed on schedule, the need to quickly retrieve data from different systems in a hospital or clinic and view it in a number of different ways is critical to making the right decisions at the right times.

A Crystal Report system, designed by an expert Crystal Report developer might be the answer. A reporting system provides critical information at the moment it’s needed. A custom reporting system also provides:

  • Regular reports, such as quarterly budget reports, inventory reports, and other clinic or hospital performance metrics can be set up to print on a regular schedule.
  • Special reports, that you would like to receive on a regular basis can also be customized and scheduled at regular intervals.
  • The ability to look at data in any way that is helpful, including graphs, bar charts, and a variety of statistical and comparison reports.
  • Any report can be generated at any time.

These three benefits give you the flexibility to take a snapshot of your operations at any given point in time and make the best decisions.
How Crystal Reports can help

Crystal Reports is a software intelligence application that collects data from a variety of different systems and sources and presents the data in many different and useful ways at any time.

Once the reporting needs and the sources for data are determined, an expert Crystal Report developer designs the reporting system to access the needed raw data from the appropriate systems, creates the reports and the customized dashboard to generate the reports.

Meaningful user-friendly reports can include any level of detail in a variety of useful views. Reports can be published in a variety of formats including Microsoft Word and Excel.
The expert Crystal Report developer

The expert developers from Crystal Report Writer spend time with you and your staff to determine which reports you need. Services include:

  • Operations review and analysis
  • Crystal Reports development and design
  • Consulting and training

Laurel Anderson, the owner of Crystal Report Writer, brings more than 20 years of data analysis, report design and Crystal Report writing to her clients. Laurel’s specialty is working closely with clients to design and develop Crystal Reports and systems for a wide range of industries and businesses. Working within your time and cost requirements, Laurel focuses on delivering reports and reporting processes that meet your objectives.

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