Crystal Report development solutions for managing fulfillment

Crystal Report development solutions for managing fulfillment

Whether your company fulfills customer orders directly or uses a fulfillment service the objective is to get quality products delivered to customers on time. There is more to accomplishing on-time delivery than having sufficient stock in the warehouse. Laurel Anderson, Crystal Report developer, has solutions to help managers evaluate how well the fulfillment operation is working and make proactive decisions to prevent delays and preserve customer satisfaction.

There are four junctures that determine how well the fulfillment operation functions:

  1. On-time delivery and customer satisfaction
  2. Adequate stock in the warehouse
  3. Smoothly operating manufacturing
  4. An adequate, trouble-free supply chain

Discovering that deliveries have not been on time after the fact means it’s too late for a proactive solution. Customers are already dissatisfied and extra effort is needed to smooth frustration and retain those customers.

It is important to know why there are failures in fulfillment so the problems can be fixed. It is even more important to be able to monitor the entire process from materials inventory, through manufacturing, warehousing and fulfillment and to be able to take corrective action as soon as a problem, or potential problem is detected.
Delivery and customer satisfaction

Reports about the fulfillment process provide data such as the length of time between receiving an order and packaging and shipping it, whether the shipment arrived on time or how late it may have been. If delivery was late, reports can pinpoint where the delay happened along the fulfillment chain.

Data about a slowdown in the supply chain that delays manufacturing or not enough manpower to meet an increased demand can be just as critical in preventing late deliveries. In the best of all circumstances, all the data that is relevant to acquiring, producing, warehousing, and fulfilling orders is readily available at any point in time. This means collecting data from a variety of sources, including the supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing and inventory and closely tracking all the aspects of how merchandise travels from the warehouse to the customer.

The Crystal Report solution

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application for sole-proprietors and small to medium-sized businesses that allow data from a variety of different sources to be collected and analyzed in many different ways. The Crystal Report developers from the Crystal Report Writers firm works with business owners and managers to determine what data is needed to:

  • Track and analyze impacts on the fulfillment process
  • Track and analyze slowdowns in the supply chain or manufacturing process
  • Track past performance during peak sales seasons and create analytical tools that help plan for peak seasons and help identify demand trends

Once the reporting needs are determined, the expert Crystal Report writers and developers create the reports and the user’s reporting dashboard and train all the critical staff to use the reporting system.

User-friendly reports can include any level of detail desired and be developed to present the data in a variety of useful views. Reports can be produced on regular schedules, or at any time-critical decisions are needed. The reports can be published in a variety of formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, over the Internet, and shared by workgroups.

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