Expert Crystal Report Developer

Expert Crystal Report Developer

Expert Crystal Report Developer Consulting and Training

Every business owner and manager knows that information is key to success. But, what information? What is the most useful information? How is useful information extracted from piles of accounting reports? What does the information mean when it is finally compiled? Information key to success. Speedy access to easily understood information is just as important. We can help you make sense of your business data by helping you identify the easiest way to extract data from your database, identify the reports you need, designing and developing those reports, designing a report system that delivers timely reports and training key people. Training is one of our core services. Once we have designed and developed the reports and reporting system, our next goal is to be sure you understand:

  1. How to use the information in the reports
  2. How to use the reporting system to generate and distribute the reports

Training is part of our commitment to you and we are always available to answer additional questions.

Using your reports

Receiving a brightly colored report with charts and graphs is one thing. Being able to quickly assess the information in the report and make timely business decisions is the goal. Once the reports are designed and delivered to you, our job is to be sure you get the most use from the data. Since we work very closely with you from the time you first described your reporting needs and through the development phase, you are already going to have a better understanding of your business data than when we started the project. Our job is not finished until we make sure you thoroughly understand the information that is presented in your new reports.

Using your reporting system

The term “reporting system” might sound challenging, but it need not be. Reporting systems we design are tailored to your business needs. It can be a small simple system that delivers a handful of reports per month, or as large as your business needs require. Reporting systems we design allow you to print reports, view reports on your computer screen and distribute reports digitally to other key people. The reporting can be as versatile as you like, allowing you to look at information from different views. We can design your system so that standard reports can be easily generated on regular intervals, and interim reports can be created by entering specific parameters such as a range of dates. Identifying the reports you need and the reporting intervals are covered during our consulting and analysis process. When your new system is ready, we train your and all of your key staff in all aspects of the system’s operation.

During the initial no-obligation consultation Laurel listens to what you want for your business then gives you an overview of how she would solve the issues and get your business moving in the direction you want. Whether you have a clear idea of your reporting needs or are looking for new and improved reporting, Laurel Anderson is the best Crystal Report writer to call.

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